Firestone Park – Aster Ave

District Info

Aster Avenue, located in historic Firestone Park, has been a long-standing hub for local businesses. It was founded over 100 years ago to house and service Firestone rubber and tire factories.

The area is growing with new families and others moving back into the area. This business district has a mix of service and goods based businesses, so you never have to look far to get a haircut, something to eat, or a good book to read at the library.


District Businesses






  • Tax Happy Tax Service 
  • 7 Karat Nail Studio 
  • Mod A Salon 
  • Sun Tanning 
  • Salon NV 
  • Top Notch Barber Shop 
  • Goodman’s Service Center 
  • A.O. Key Locksmith & Key Service 


Renovation & Plans

With innovation comes long-term sustaining growth. Aster Avenue is growing in popularity, and the local businesses and Mayor have recognized this. New streetlights are going to be installed and parking is to be improved. One business, A Walk in the Park Café, improved the corner space to bring in more seating and flowers into the heart of the district with the help of the MNOA Grant. Other improvements being made by other businesses are bike racks, additional security cameras and other safety measures. Mod Salon & Gift Shop is leading the charge to get Aster Avenue and surrounding areas designated a Historic Site to help preserve the foundation that the area was built on. 


Recent Accomplishments

Street resurfacing is currently underway throughout the City of Akron!