Temple Square - North Hill

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North Hill - Temple Square has a proud heritage that continues to evolve to meet the needs of all Akronites. This is a thriving and changing neighborhood proudly looking to the future.

The big neighborhood that sits mainly between the Gorge and Cascade Valley metro parks and state Route 8 has been an important part of Akron for about a century, though it's been around longer than that. It has always given what the city needed most, something more important than oats, rubber, tires or polymers. It has attracted more Akronites, of course, and it still does.

Depending on how far back you go, you'd find North Hill full of the new arrivals from Italy, Ireland, central and eastern Europe, and, most recently, Nepal and Bhutan. It's also where Akron mayor Dan Horrigan grew up and still lives.

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Renovation and Plans

The intersection of North Main Street and Cuyahoga Falls Avenue presents a great opportunity for a thriving town center. This area holds great potential for attractive redevelopment as realized in the exciting Better Block project that transformed the neighborhood. North Hill business owners and residents want to make the excitement of that weekend a permanent fixture of the neighborhood.       

Recent Accomplishments



Street resurfacing is currently under way throughout the City of Akron!